2.54XH 22AWG 13CM 2S Balance Cable Silicone Wire for Lipo Batteries - 4S

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Item:Balance Cable
Type: 2S (3Pin)
Silicone Wire: 22AWG
Overall Length: 13CM
Sustained heat resistance: 200 Degree
Material:Silicone Wire, 60 shares 0.08mm copper inside
Usage:For Batteries

This product is a model enthusiasts DIY battery, or replace the old battery with balancing head
High quality balancing head (XH2.54 standard point where you can buy the bare plug)
Silicone wire is 22AWG, heat-resistant to 200 degrees
which contain 60 shares 0.08mm copper
Support for the soft silicone skin, soft folding
Suitable for long-term use in the model battery
Long-term use is not easily broken

Package Included:
1 x Silicone Wire