Aomway Helical Antenna (RHCP) (RP-SMA Male)

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Aomway released their new 5.8GHz, 7 Turn 11dbi tuned reflector base helical antennas. 

The Aomway 7 is supported by a precision cut glass fiber frame and PCB tuned reflector. The antenna includes a flexible coaxial adapter letting you achieve virtually any installation angle of your setup.

Helical antennas are designed for maximum range, having a tighter focus than an Omni or patch style antenna. Helical antennas also have a broader “tune” range and have great gain across the entire 5.8GHz band.

Note: Helical antennas have a narrower focus for further range, so it's recommended to be used in a diversity system and or antenna tracker setup for the ultimate in video lock and range. 

• Perfectly compatible with all 32ch of the 5.8GHz range
• All frequency channel standing wave less 1.3
• PCB board as reflection board, effectively improves antenna gain
• High self-recovery function
• Supported coil
• Flexible Adapter 

Bandwidth: 5645-5945Mhz
Gain: 11dbi
Cross polar rejection: >10dbi
Connection: SMA
Polarity: Right Circular Polarization
Weight: 10g
Impedance: 50ohm