BetaFPV 6S 550mAh 75C Lipo Battery (2 pcs)

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he 550mAh 6S 75C battery is a lightweight and high-quality lipo battery released on BETAFPV. With a 6S(22.2V) high voltage and 75C discharge rate, it gives the drone a stronger flight performance for short bursts. With this discharge rate, you could perform more actions and tricks without limitation. This lipo battery is 6S rated with 550mAh battery capacity, it is ideally suited to 4-5'' quads, highly recommend for X-Knight 5'' FPV Toothpick Quad.


  • Items: 550mAh 6S 75C Lipo Battery
  • Capacity: 550mAh
  • Rate: 75C
  • Power: 12.21Wh
  • Weight: 103.61g
  • Dimension: 59*30*28mm
  • Charge Plug: XT60U Plug and JST-XH Plug
  • Wire Gauge: 14AWG Silicone Wire



      • 2 * BETAFPV 550mAh 6S 75C Lipo Battery