BetaFPV Advanced Kit

Sale price BND$250.00 Regular price BND$280.00

The Advanced Kit is just for anyone looking to get into whoop FPV racing sport. In this box, all the items to start a FPV racing are included. Compared with the Starter Kit, the drone comes with professional racing firmware Betaflight. Pilots could tune, upgrade and custom the drones by themselves.


  • Everything needed to get into drone flight in one box. This is the only complete bundle that every pilots will need.
  • Come with most popular racing drone firmware Betaflight. It is flexible for pilots to custom their own settings.
  • In default, there are 2 stock flight modes for both beginners and experienced pilots, named level and acro mode.
  • The drone is agile enough to fly indoors and strong enough to fly outside. Also it comes with simple, USB-chargeable batteries and spare parts for easy repairs.
  • Affordable entry-level prices with professional hardware.


Beta65S Drone

Beta65S is the most popular whoop drones nowadays. The 7x16mm 17500KV motors has a greate improvement in punch. This Beta65 is a blast! it has the perfect amount of power for either indoors or outdoors. 

TX02 Radio transmitter

TX02 radio transmitter is a great choice for noobs. Full compatible with Frsky protocol and easy to using. Delicate design of this TX02 radio transmitter enables the tx fits comfortably in your hands.

VR006 Goggles

This tiny 5.8g video goggles VR006 is just designed for beginners. Just easy to set up, one-button auto search channel. With built-in batteries, it charges via a USB cable and works for 1 hour when full charged.



  • 1 * Beta65S brushed whoop drone
  • 1 * TX02 radio transmitter
  • 1 * VR006 5.8G goggle
  • 1 * Single port charger
  • 1 * Battery voltage tester
  • 2 * 260mAh Lipo high voltage batteries