BetaFPV HX100 Carbon Fiber Frame

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This HX100 carbon fiber frame is customized for HX100 FPV Quad - the first generation of carbon fiber kit of Betafpv, small but with dynamic flight. Compatible with 1103 8000KV motors and F4 2-4S AIO 12A FC. At the same time, it is durable and light enough for a 3S whoop beast.

    Bullet Point

    • Specially made for HX100 FPV Quad, produced with carbon fiber with a strong root design to be super durable, can increase flight stability while minimizing power loss.
    • Convenient installation with the no-slip rubber pads and screws, also come with battery cable tie, can use various battery like 300mAh 3S and 300mAh 2S for different flight experience.
    • This durable package can protect the package from deformation during the shipping process.


        • Material: Carbon Fiber
        • Diagonal motor distance: 100mm
        • Motor mounting hole: for 110x motors( such as 1103 8000KV motors )
        • FC mounting hole: fully compatible with whoop style FC board mounting pattern, 26mm x 26mm
        • Weight: 5.1g
        HX100 Carbon Fiber Frame

          Recommended Parts

          HX100 Carbon Fiber Frame


            • 1 * HX100 Carbon Fiber Frame
            • 1 * 115mm Battery Cable Tie
            • 1 * No-Slip Rubber Pads
            • 1 * Pack of Screws
            HX100 Carbon Fiber Frame