DHFC REVO F4 V1.3 Flight Controller

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This is a next gen. flight controller featuring the STM32F405 processor and MPU6000 gyro. The advanced F4 processor gives this FC incredible precision and control while in the air. This flight controller includes 3 UART connections with SBUS, PPM or Serial RX and has a 3.3v output for Spektrum receivers as well as a hardware boot button. The board has been designed around the popular CC3D Revolution target and is fully support by RaceFlight, BetaFlight and CleanFlight. It comes preloaded with BetaFlight firmware.


  • Weight: 5g
  • 36mm x 36mm (standard 30.5mm between mounting holes)
  • Support raceflight and betaflight firmware, default is BF.
  • Use MPU6000 accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • Gyro and MCU have 3.3V independent power supply
  • Support LED strip and blackbox
  • Has outputs for up to 6 motors (ESCs)
  • Three available hardware UART ports
  • Built in inverter for SBUS input
  • STM32F405 32-bit processor at 168MHz, 1Mb flash, 192kb ram
  • Micro USB connectivity using STM Virtual Communications Port
  • M25P16 16 Mbit, serial Flash memory, 75 MHz SPI bus interface 
  • 1x7pin JST-SH socket (SUBS,SERIAL,RX,TX,5V,GND)
  • 6X3pin though-holes for pin headers for ESC
  • No BEC
  • Input voltage: 5 ~ 8.4V
  • Firmware target: REVO / CC3D Revolution


  • 1x F4 Advanced Flight Controller - (MPU6000, STM32F405)
  • 1x 1x7 pin header straight
  • 1x 3x6 pin header straight
  • 1x 3x6 pin header right angle

Definition diagram:

Crazepony F4 Advanced Flight Controller Based on the CC3D Revolution - (MPU6000, STM32F405)

Wiring diagram:
Pyrodrone Hyperlite F4 Flight Controller