Drone for Speed Myth-FS FPV Freestyle Frame

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DFS Myth-FS Freestyle Frame is unique and customizable profiles to X, H, Hybrid and adjustable CG. This allow pilots to have different flying experiences in one frame. This frame is only 96g with hardwares and CF material is made from Toray Carbon Fiber.

All 3D Printer parts such as Action Camera mount can be downloaded here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1D9j8IX7PnzvpfaACCLRhtqPBiR8821Y5?usp=sharing


  • Toray Carbon Fiber
  • 25mm 6061 aluminum stand-offs


  • 226mm motor-to-motor base (in Exact-X config)
  • 2mm carbon Base-Plate 2mm Top-Plate (Toilet Tank Supported)
  • 2mm Support-Plate (used on top or at bottom)
  • 4.5mm Toray carbon Arms
  • Single arm design allows multiple configurations
  • True X, H, and Hybrids
  • Swings 5.1’ props in all configurations
  • 20x20 & 30x30 floating fc stack mounting holes


  • 6x 25mm aluminium stand-offs
  • 4 x m3 x 20mm screws (FC ESC Stack Mount)
  • 12x m3 x 10mm screws 12.9 (For Top Plate, Base Plate Spacer)
  • 8x m3 x 16mm screws 12.9 (For Support Plate, Arm and Base Plate Mount)
  • 12x m3 Washer TPU cam mount options (for micro cams)
  • TPU Antenna Mount for SMA Pigtail

ALL Standoff, Washer, 3D Printed Parts come with blue color