FXT FX877T 5.8GHz 37ch Switchable Power Video Transmitter w/ Smartaudio

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*Micro sized and lightweight
*Authorized smartaudio, you can change the channel and power setting of the VTX using your radio.
*US legal 37 channels with raceband
*0.1mW,25mW,200mW,600mW switchable
*5V output to power FPV camera
*Integrated microphone
*30.5mm mounting holes
*MMCX connector 


Input voltage:7-28V
Working frequency: 5.8GHz
Output power: 0.1mW,25mW,200mW,600mW
Current consumption: 0.1mW:45mA,  25mW: 125mA, 200mA:220mA,  600mA:280mA
Frequency range: 5658-5917MHz
Available channel: 37channels
Extra features: SmartAudio, PitMode
Video format: NTSC/PAL
Video band width:6.0 MHz
Audio carrier frequency: 6.5MHz
Antenna connector: MMCX-KE
Port connector:JST-GH,6-pin
Dimension: 38x22x7mm
Weight: 5.75grams excluding antenna and cable