GEP-PX3 Frame Kit

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Every flying session is a new experience and new flying skill is gained,Like “Phoenix “.

It performs both indoor and outstanding freestyle manuver with Miniature size.  We make three different size (2”, 2.5” and 3”)for you to extend your flying performance.

Highly precision CNC technology with machined 7075 frame for protection of your lens and expensive electronics.  The lens can be rotated to the angle between 22 to 55 degree.Can be adjusted forward and backward.

The “Phoenix” is strictured by one piece 3mm thickness 3k carbon fiber chassis and 2mm upper deck to ensure high impact from crash.

With one piece 3D printing module to hold your antenna and rear LED together. It brings you cool flying experience at night.

Gep-PX has two different battery position to suit your flying style. With different performance can be experienced. We provide two different shape battery anti slip pad as well.

Professional and thoughtful design will give you a good flight experience of mini quad


  • Name: GEP-PX3
  • Weight: 24g
  • Motor to motor: 140mm
  • Props Size: 3 inch
  • Size: 110*115mm
  • Bottom Plate: 3mm
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Side Plate: 1mm


  • Name: GEP-PX3
  • Flight Controller: F3/F4
  • Motors: 1106/1107/1108/1206
  • ESC: 12A-20A
  • Propeller: 3inch
  • Battery: 3S 450mAh ~ 4S 650mAh


  1. Professional design and reasonable matching
  2. 3mm thickness by 3K carbon fiber chassis with high precised CNC technology
  3. Precision CNC aircraft grade 7075 aluminum for lens protection,Highly precision CNC machined lens protection frame
  4. 3mm carbon fiber thickness chassis,Beautifully finished chamfered edge
  5. Adjustable lens angle between 22 to 55 degree. Also adjustable forward and backward
  6. Three selection of frame size, any combination of different power combinations
  7. True X frame design is better for freestyle and competition
  8. One piece 3D printing module for antenna and rear LED
  9. The battery is placed up and down, equipped with two types of battery non-slip pads, more free choice
  10. YFS screw, 12.9 grade strength, non-slip teeth, anti-rust


1x GEP-PX3 Frame