HGLRC Sector 5 V3 HD Freestyle 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for RC Drone FPV

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HGLRC Sector 5 V3 Freestyle frame 5 Inch for FPV Racing Drone Compatible with 5.8G VTX and DJI Air Unit

-No Props in view

No more props in view with the V3. Enjoy the clear view of flying!

-Adjustable camera mount angle

Adjust the angle of the camera mount from 25°, 30°, 35° to 40° to suit your needs.

-Capacitor slot to hide the capacitor for a neater look

Cannot find the capacitor in the drone? it is "hidden" somewhere :)

-A complete range of TPU parts

 All the STL files of the TPU parts used in this drone will be available for free! You can always print spare parts by yourself if you have a 3D printer. Check the files here

Note: The GoPro 7 mount is not included in the package, but you can print it with the STL files shared above. For Go Pro 8 mount you can get the file here


Recommended Parts:

Flight Controller: HGLRC Zeus F722 (The most affordable & reliable F722 FC)

ESC:  HGLRC Forward 60A ESC

Brand Name:HGLRC
Model:Sector 5 V3 Frame Kit
Material:3K Carbon Fiber
Top plate thickness:2mm
Bottom plocte thickness:2mm
Middle plate thickness2mm
Camera side panel thickness:2mm
Arm Thickness:5mm
Top and middle plate spacing:25mm
Installation holes:20x20/30.5x30.5mm
Support camera:19x19/22x22mm

Sector 5 V3 Freestyle Frame 5 inch
Type:5" frame
Support for propellers:up to 5.2 inches
Overall size:172.5 * 136.7mm
Weight:124.2g (excluding TPU)


Flight control installation damping system
Gopro Universal Mount
Gopro fixied bracket
Gopro Mount
Gopro lens protector
Motor protector Mount
T shaped antenna Mount
GPS Mount
SMA antenna Mount
DJI ANT antenna Mount
Base plate protector Mount
DJI Air Unit Mount
DJI FPV camera lens protector
Power cord fixed Mount
Capacitor mounting slot

Package Included:
1x 2mm top plate
1x 2mm bottom plate
1x 2mm middle plate
4x 5mm arm
2x 2mm side plate
2x M3*32mm black aluminum column
6x M3*25mm black aluminum column
3x M3*23mm black aluminum column
5x round head screw M3*25
4x round head screw M3*16
4x round head screw M3*12
12x round head screw M3*8
2x round head screw M3*6
1x round head screw M2*30
4x round head screw M2*25
4x round head screw M2*12
2x round head screw M2*6
2x round head screw M2*4
4x M2*5 black nylon column
6x M3 Self-tightening nut
10x M2 Self-tightening nut
4x antenna protection tube
12x M3*6.6 shock absorber ball
8x M2*6 shock absorber ball
2x Battery cable tie 20x200mm
2x Battery cable tie 20x250mm
1x Battery Anti-slip tape
1x Gopro Universal Mount
1x Gopro lens protector
1x Motor protector Mount
1x T shaped antenna Mount
1x GPS Mount
1x SMA antenna Mount
1x Base plate protector
1x DJI Air Unit Mount
1x DJI FPV camera lens protector
1x DJI ANT antenna Mount
1x Power cord fixed Mount

Recommended Parts:( Not Included )
Flight Controller:Zeus/F4/F7 FC
Motor:Aeolus 2207.5/Aeolus 2306.5/FD2408
Camera:19x19/22x22mm size
Propeller:Sector 5 - 5 ~ 5.5 Inch
Battery:4S 1500mAh ~ 6S 1600mAh