Makerfire 4pcs D1104 7500KV Brushless Motor

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Item : D1104 Brushless Motor
Height: 17.5mm
Width: 14mm
Weight: about 5.5g
Shaft: 1.5mm
Shaft length: 4.1mm
KV (rpm/V): 7500
Voltage: 3.7-7.4V
Battery: 1-2S lipo battery
Load current: 4.1A
Item: 1935 3-Blade Propeller
Width: about 47mm
Color: Transparency Orange
Material: PC
Hub thickness: 4.3mm
Weight: 1.1g (each)
Middle Mounting Hole: 1.5mm
Other Mounting Holes: 2mm
Recommanded Screw: M2*5.5 or 6 (not included)
Compatible with 1102, 1104, 1106 motor in 6500KV, 7500KV etc.


D1104 7500KV brushless motors, insane power in tiny quadcopters
Motors Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm, Motor Diameter: 14mm, Motor Weight: 5.5g
Motors fit with 1935, 2030, 3020 propellers with M2 mount holes
D1104 motors compatible with 1-2S 3.7-7.4V lipo battery
1935 Propellers compatible with 1102, 1104, 1106 motor,mounting holes:2mm.


Packing list:
4 * D1104 7500KV brushless motors
2 * CW 1935 3-Blade Propellers
2 * CCW 1935 3-Blade Propellers