Makerfire RTF Lite Quad

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Wheelbase: 64mm
Weight:22 gram (without battery)
Motor: 6x15mm special sauce edition motors, 17500Kv, 65,000 RPM@3.7v,up to 1.34A load current at 4.2V (direct drive)
Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
Batterry: 3.7V 200mAh Lipo battery with Pico JST connector
Flight time: 3 min 40 seconds
About the price - I charge 59 bucks for this setup. You could easily buy a E010 for $24, a spare motor set for $20 bucks,a spare crazepony aio cam for $28 bucks,a spare 200mah battery for $6 bucks and build this little quad yourself. It #39;s FUN! But I wanted to provide this option for those who want a ready to fly drone without assembled.



Your first RTF Tiny Whoop with a reasonable price.
Upgrade with special sauce edition motors, 17500Kv, more powerful than almost all of the motors used for upgrading Tiny Whoop style aircraft.
Upgrade with crazepony 35C 200mAh 1S battery,up to 3min and 40 seconds flight time.
Added crazepony super mini 5.8G AIO 25mW camera, with 10 tilt camera mount.

Packing list:

1 * Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite Quad
1 * Single port 1S LiPo USB charger