NewBeeDrone 6mm Brushed Micro Motor

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  • BLACK Edition - the middle of the pack, use for both indoor and outdoor flying
  • GOLD Edition - the beasts! Used for outdoor aggressive flying! Finally, you can do Split S dives and Power Loops just like with a full sized racer! Plated with real 24k gold!
  • UNICORN Edition - these are even faster than our Gold Motor. While flight time is decreased, grins per minute are definitely up. If you have been itching for some more speed, give these unicorns a try.


  • KV: 17,400 (Black), 19,700 (Gold), 25,500 (Unicorn)
  • Speed: 64,500rpm @ 3.7V (Black), 73,000rpm (Gold), 93,000rpm (Unicorn)
  • Lifetime Rating: 5-6 hrs (Black, Gold), 4-5 hrs (Unicorn)


    • Can Diameter: 6mm
    • Can Length: 15mm (Black, Gold),  17mm (Unicorn)
    • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
    • Weight: 1.85g (Black, Gold), 2g (Unicorn)
    • Plug: Micro-JST-1.25