SMO 4K Filter

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To get better footage and prevent the issue of jello generated in the insane flight, BETAFPV specially designs the ND16 filter for SMO 4K Camera and Case V2 for Naked Camera. It also acts as a lens protector that can protect your lens while your drone meets a serious crash. Meanwhile, We also release the UV filter. It can protect the lens while you fly indoors or at dusk, providing pilots more clear footage. 

    Bullet Point

    • Both filters equipped with a rubber pad in the inner ring which can prevent them from falling off, bringing better protection.
    • Both filters are customized for SMO 4K Camera and Case V2 for Naked Camera, providing pilots more clear footage.
    • Convenient installation, just need to plug it on the lens.
    • The ND16 filter can block the light and will not change the color balance of the picture, perfectly solve the issue of jello generated in the insane flight.
    • The UV filter will reduce exposure, especially when there is an obvious contrast between bright and dark, the picture transition is more natural.


    • Item: SMO 4K ND16 Filter / SMO 4K ND8 Filter / SMO 4K UV Filter
    • Weight: 1.52g
    • Adapt Camera and Case: SMO 4K Camera & Case V2 for Naked Camera


    • 1 * SMO 4K ND16 Filter or SMO 4K ND8 Filter 


    • 1 * SMO 4K UV Filter