TBS QX7 Telemetry Mod

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Increase your telemetry throughput with this simple PCB.

Improve your FrSky Q X7 by modding the JR Bay's telemetry port to allow 400kbaud throughput speed instead of just 100kbaud.

Another use of this board is if you are using a Taranis Q X7 and are using crossfire but didn't buy the bundle with this included board, you may experience issues with the RSSI on your Crossfire. This board mod aims to solve this issue.

Hardware design by Philipp Seidel, manufactured by TBS.

Follow this extensive guide on how to do this mod. 

Warning: Only do the hardware mod if you know what you are doing. To desolder SMD components you need a bit of tact. The components around it can be damaged very easily if you don’t do it correctly. Please make these modifications only on your own responsibility/risk. Neither TBS or FrSky guarantee that the mod works! Thank you!