TransTEC Beetle HOM HD 2.5" Cinewhoop

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In the event that stock is unavailable, customers may place a pre-order to ensure themselves a set on the next shipment. Confirmed pre-orders will require either a 50% deposit (for cash purchases) or 1-2 advanced payments (for in-house payment scheme purchases).

Be sure to choose whether you want DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista.

This version of the Beetle includes the updated FC. You can easily install your third party receiver (Crossfire, R-XSR) or use your DJI remote controller! 

The TransTEC Beelte is an ultra lightweight HD FPV drone designed around the DJI Digital FPV System. An incredibly compact 2.5" whoop style quad available with or without a DJI air unit, this is a great option for anyone who has an air unit without a home and is looking to try out HD Micros! 


  • Frame Size : 130mm
  • Weight : 131g (Without prop guard)
  • FC : TransTEC F411 HD 
  • ESC : TransTEC 25A Blheli_S 4in1 3-5S (Support RPM filter)
  • Motor : TransTEC 1106 4500KV Freestyle
  • Bottom plate : Updated to 3mm high quality carbon fiber
  • LED : 9 programmable Betaflight RGB LED
  • Prop : Gemfan 2540-3 / HQ 2525-3
  • Double Antenna : Custom liner antenna(almost same performance with DJI antenna)

Suggested battery :
TATTU R-line 3S 750mah (7:00 flying time without prop guard)
TATTU R-line 4S 650-850mah (powerful fly)


  • MCU : STM32F411
  • IMU : MPU6000 Low noise with power filter
  • Anti-Vibration silicone grommets built in
  • 2x Uarts(1,2,4,5) with built-in SBUS inversion
  • 4x Dshot/Proshot/Oneshot outputs(Support Bidshot)
  • 1x JST-SH 1.0_8pin connector (G/Vbat/S1/S2/S3/S4/Current/R4) for Dji Vtx
  • 1x GH_1.25_6pin connector for DJI HD Vtx
  • WS2812 Led Strip support(5V output)
  • Input : 6~20V (2~4S LiPo)
  • BEC : 5V 2A cont. (Max.3A)
  • LDO 3.3V : Max.200mA
  • USB Type-C connector


  • Input Voltage : 3-5S
  • Max Current : 35A(10s)
  • Continuous Current : 25A
  • Connect pin : 6pin
  • Mount hole : 20x20


  • Beetle HD x1
  • Custom linear antenna x2
  • Replaced Canopy x2 (Random color)
  • Propeller Guard x4 (Clear)
  • Propeller x2 sets
  • Battery strap x1
  • Motor screws for guard x1 set
  • DJI Camera protect TPU x1
  • Crossfire T-antenna TPU holder x1
  • DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista  x1 (optional)

FC Connection diagram -

Customize Beetle HD (Not default include the package)


Be careful not to pull the wire of the motor when you assemble the prop guard, if pull too hard may break the motor.