Yakuza Fujin Frame

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The Yakuza Frames Fujin.

Fujin = The Japanese Wind God.


- 5mm thick, 8.5mm wide arm option :75g.
- 4mm thick, 10mm wide arm option :70g.
- Multi-geometry:
Change from exactX, stretchX, squishX, and hybrid with just a change of a screw, no additional parts needed.
- fits 30.5x30.5 & 20x20 flight controllers and escs.
- rock solid arms with no free-play.
- 3mm thick 7075 aluminum core-plate in gun-metal, red, or purple.
- Fits micro sized fpv cams.
- 25mm stack build height
- stack screws removable without dismantling the frame.
- high quality carbon & cutting.
- sexy design.